The Foundation concluded operations on December 31, 2020. Learn more.

President’s Update: Spring 2020

The S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation is adjusting its operations and taking action to support our grantees in response to the health, social, and economic crisis caused by COVID-19. This update is published at a time when public health leaders report that the pandemic has not reached its peak in California, or the nation, and as the Foundation enters the second quarter of its concluding year.

Our staff has been working remotely since early March, with a focus on understanding the needs of our grantees in this unprecedented moment – and helping them mitigate the harsh effects of the virus on the people and communities they serve, as well as on their own organizations. We are listening intently to their concerns and realities, collaborating as they make needed adjustments to their strategies and project plans, repurposing grant funds where warranted, and offering flexibility in grant reporting activities and deadlines.

We are also affirming that all Foundation grant commitments for 2020 will be fulfilled.

Our belief in the future of a vibrant, sustainable California remains our North Star as we conduct an immediate response and begin to consider recovery from COVID-19. The Foundation’s focus on young people through education, on environmental stewardship of land and water resources, and on bolstering the resiliency and effectiveness of nonprofits continues.

This year, the final in the Foundation’s tenure, will be especially hard for people throughout the state, with those most at risk due to underlying health, social, and economic vulnerability facing devastating consequences. We strive to do all we can to address the urgent needs of grantees in support of their constituencies and vital missions, and to find the best ways to conclude our programs in a radically changed context.

The people and organizations we work with inspire us with resourceful, caring, and tireless efforts in this disorienting and critical time. We are grateful for you, and for all you do.