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Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

High-quality educational experiences help California’s children and youth develop the knowledge, skills, and character to explore and understand the world around them, and to grow into caring, informed, and productive adults.

In schools, teachers guide learning and promote social and emotional development. Programs that enable youth to participate in self-directed, experiential learning outside the classroom further this growth. State policies as well as educational models provide vital context for this work, enhancing what and how students learn.

The Foundation invests in grantees that support an inquiry-based approach to key academic and social disciplines: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and character development.

See the scope and reach of the Foundation’s recent Education Program grants in this interactive map.

Learn about the Foundation’s approach to evaluation across its Education portfolio.

Read concluding reflections on the Foundation’s Education Program from director Susan Harvey.



Supporting teachers to align their practices with the new, more rigorous and engaging academic standards in California.


Strengthening and sustaining youth development organizations, and fostering youth engagement and leadership.

Education Policy and Advocacy

Encouraging a comprehensive approach to K–12 learning that recognizes the importance of teachers, standards, and out-of-school programs.