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Spotlight on Learning and Development Outside of School

As researchers continue to advance understanding of how humans learn, policymakers and youth-serving organizations are keen to translate this knowledge into more effective practice. These champions recognize that the social-emotional development of young people requires a range of strategies – along with adults who are equipped to support youth in all the places and spaces where they learn.

Ten new videos from Edutopia showcase the science of learning and development at work in out-of-school settings. Produced in collaboration with the Learning Policy Institute, and via Foundation funding, these videos are now part of Edutopia’s popular How Learning Happens series. The new releases feature a range of topics: building adult capacity for social and emotional learning, using athletics to teach social and emotional skills, engaging families with social and emotional learning practices, scaffolding academics with social and emotional skills in the afterschool space, and much more.

The videos highlight exemplary out-of-school time programs in four communities, examine best practices in use, and integrate expert commentary from Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, president and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute, and Karen Pittman, co-founder, president, and CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment. Both are nationally recognized leaders in the field of education and youth development.

As COVID-19 pandemic realities reshape school and out-of-school programs across California and the nation, educators and service providers are hungry for insights and illustrations they can draw on to infuse the science of learning and development into their strategies. While the videos were filmed pre-COVID, the lessons they convey – on what it takes to build meaningful relationships, and to cultivate a sense of belonging and self – are timely, and enduring.

The Foundation applauds Edutopia and all involved in sharing these powerful communications. Each has the potential to inspire and inform educators and providers who can in turn bring the science of learning and development into every place where young people grow.

View the video series.