Stewarding Our Natural Resources

California has a wealth of natural resources. When managed soundly, they enhance both human and natural communities by preserving biodiversity and clean water supplies, providing opportunities for recreational and spiritual renewal, and conserving the state’s scenic beauty. But the state is struggling to balance competing demands. As a result, residents face water cutbacks, flood risks, park closures, and degraded habitats.

Realizing that competition for resources will only intensify, California agencies and diverse stakeholders must work closely together to demonstrate management approaches that support a resilient environment and a strong economy.

Improving and expanding new, promising approaches will help California effectively manage, steward, and conserve its water and land resources.

The Foundation seeks to advance the transition to more sustainable and effective approaches to water and land management by investing in grantees that develop and scale innovative models; expand the knowledge base; ground resource management in best practice; and support sound policies.

See the scope and reach of the Foundation’s recent Environment Program grants in this interactive map.



Informing, demonstrating, and scaling water management solutions to meet the needs of communities, farms, and ecosystems.


Advancing land management and conservation systems to ensure the long-term vitality of California’s land resources.