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Sharing Knowledge is an Investment in the Future

The S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation is committed to strengthening individuals, organizations, and fields so that they will be well positioned to continue achieving results after the Foundation’s sunset in 2020. Building knowledge – and sharing it openly – is a key part of this commitment.

Learn more: Concluding Reflections   |  Effectiveness Story (PDF, page 6)   |  Legacy Collection

This section of the website features tools developed internally, as well as resources drawn from research, evaluation, and peer learning projects the Foundation supports. It is managed by the Foundation’s Effectiveness team and includes:

  • Information learned through the Foundation’s spend-down experience, presented with other knowledge on exits created with Foundation support
  • Resources developed to help funders and nonprofits understand and enhance resiliency – an essential characteristic of organizations that are built for ongoing success
  • Research and tools to advance evaluation practice in the social sector
  • Guides designed to help nonprofits and grantmakers work with consultants more effectively
  • A kit of resources to help funders and nonprofit partners avoid the pitfalls and realize the potential of capital grants for buildings and renovations
  • An essay on the practice of special grantmaking, a flexible and purposeful resource that can advance a funder’s holistic goals.
  • Retrospective reports on several of the Foundation’s completed lines of work

As part of its commitment to informing other grantmakers considering or engaged in spending down, the Foundation is documenting its experience. This includes publishing a serialized account of its spend-down journey as well as a spend-down timeline. These and more than 200 other publications and resources are available beyond the Foundation’s conclusion through a Legacy Collection developed with Candid.