Preparing for Sustained Success in a Changing World

Resiliency is the capacity to respond effectively to change, to adapt successfully to new and unforeseen conditions and circumstances – and to seize opportunity. It’s an essential characteristic of organizations that are built for ongoing success.

The S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation has a strong commitment to building and scaling organizations capable of continuing to achieve results after the Foundation’s sunset in 2020. The Foundation therefore invests in growing the capacity of organizations we fund, including a focus on resiliency.

In 2013, Foundation program officers began working in partnership with grantees to examine and discuss seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency. The resources below were generated through the Foundation’s experience. These tools are being shared to heighten interest in resiliency as an asset for nonprofits operating in a dynamic landscape, and to fuel new conversations regarding the value of resiliency in the context of grantee-grantmaker relationships.

Resiliency-Guide-225The Resiliency Guide

This guide features seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency. The factors are presented in a way that can fuel discussion and inform action to strengthen resiliency.




Resiliency-Interview-225Talking Resiliency: An Interview with Barbara Kibbe and Ruth Norris

Barbara Kibbe, head of the Effectiveness arm of the Foundation, and consultant Ruth Norris discuss the topic of organizational resiliency.




Resiliency-Bibliography-225Studying Resiliency: Select Bibliography

The Foundation commissioned the Monitor Institute to develop a rich collection of publications relevant to resiliency, including specific sources related to each of the resiliency factors used in the Resiliency Guide.




Resiliency-GranteePerspective-225Why Resiliency? A Grantee Story

Ashley Boren, Executive Director of Sustainable Conservation, shares her perspective on the value of assessing and investing in resiliency.