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Preparing for Sustained Success in a Changing World

In 2013, Foundation program officers began working in partnership with grantees to examine and discuss seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency. This work led to creation of a guide to help grantees and funders engage in constructive dialogue around the subject. In 2018, consultant Diana Scearce was commissioned to explore the capacities that matter most to organizations experiencing shocks and disruptions. The inquiry yielded a series of additional resources, culminating in a new report published in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

These tools are being shared to heighten interest in resiliency as an asset for nonprofits operating in a dynamic landscape, and to fuel new conversations regarding the value of resiliency in the context of grantee-grantmaker relationships.

Resiliency-Guide-225Resilience at Work

What does it take for nonprofits to survive and even thrive amid shocks and disruptions? This report overviews characteristics critical to resilient nonprofits, as well as principles that can help pave the way for funders who want to enhance nonprofit resilience.

Download characteristics overview, and executive summary.



Resiliency-Guide-225The Resiliency Guide

This guide features seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency. The factors are presented in a way that can fuel discussion and inform action to strengthen resiliency.