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Nonie B. Ramsay

Nonie B. Ramsay has served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors for over a decade. From 2005–2008, Ms. Ramsay held the position of program officer at the Foundation, and she was responsible for grantmaking to advance education, youth development, and health. Prior to working at the Foundation, she was principal and manager of SHALANNO Farms LLC. Ms. Ramsay is chair of the Board of Directors of the Santa Catalina School and a past member of the Board of Trustees of the Athenian School in Danville, California. Spanning several decades, her community involvement has included serving on the Boards of the ARCS Foundation, Inc., Head Royce School, Alta Bates-Herrick Hospital Foundation, St. Luke’s Hospital Jr. Auxiliary, The Lake School (as a founding member), and the San Francisco Opera. Ms. Ramsay graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and received a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.