Resources For Grantees and Grantseekers

The Foundation only accepts and responds to invited proposals. Foundation staff reviews proposals on a rolling basis. Once a complete proposal is submitted via the Grantee Portal, a decision can usually be made within three months, and the applying organization is notified promptly at that time.

Grant Guidelines

When invited to submit a proposal, your program officer or program associate at the Foundation will specify which guidelines should be used for your specific proposal and will guide you through the application process.

Financial Templates

You may be required to use one or more of the templates below to submit financial information with your grant proposal. A Project Budget Template may be required for capacity building, planning, policy & advocacy, program & project support, research & evaluation, or scaling proposals; your program officer or program associate will advise you as to whether it is necessary and which template to use. The Financial Analysis Template is required for all capital, core support, and scaling proposals; and it may be required under other circumstances at your program officer or program associate’s discretion.

Reporting Guidelines

Please refer to your Grant Agreement for reporting requirements and due dates.

Interim Reporting Guidelines

Final Reporting Guidelines

Financial Reporting Templates

If you used one of the Foundation’s project budget templates to submit budget information, please use one of the corresponding templates below to submit your financial reports.

Submitting Documents

Please submit all proposals, signed award documents, and reports through the Foundation’s Grantee Portal. If you are having difficulty accessing or navigating the Grantee Portal, please review our Grantee Portal FAQs.

For technical assistance, please contact Grants Management at 415.284.8582 or You should expect a response within two business days.

Organizational Resilience

Organizational resilience is the capacity of an organization to respond effectively to change, to bounce back from unexpected shifts, to adapt successfully to new and unforeseen conditions and circumstances, and even to seize opportunity.

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